1. Cancellation:

Please inform the hotel of any reservation cancellations 14 days prior to the check-in date (local time) to avoid penalty. Under Taiwanese regulations, penalty will be charged, plus applicable taxes and fees, in percentage to the total room charge of your stay:

30% for cancellation between 10~13 days prior the check-in date;

50% for cancellation between 7~9 days prior the check-in date;

60% for cancellation between 4~6 days prior the check-in date;

70% for cancellation between 2~3 days prior the check-in date;

80% for cancellation one day prior the check-in date;

100% for cancellation on the day of check-in.

2. To make Reservations by phone:

To guarantee your reservation, pleases fill in the credit card authorization letter and return to the hotel within specified timeline. Your reservation will be cancelled if the credit card authorization letter is not received within certain days. Once your reservation is confirmed, the same cancellation policy applies.

3. Reservation using Azure Hotel Voucher:

Reservation using hotel voucher can only be made by phone. Please call +886.(0)3-833-6686 for reservation.

The voucher can be used as part or full payment. No change will be given.

The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

The voucher will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged.

Expired hotel voucher can be used for full payment deduction, according to its face value.

4. Unexpected events:

Failure to check-in due to typhoon warning announced on check-in date or other unexpected force majeure factors, the deposit will be valid for 3 months.