Staying at the hotel to experience the exhibition, we invite artists to curate the exhibition from time to time. The hotel is no longer just a space for accommodation or dining. Through the combination of artistic and artistic activities related to the creation elements of Hualien, art creators have a platform to play. Let you experience art and experience local culture on your journey.

Exhibition in Hotel

The Art Of Pyrography

2019/06/01 - 2019/08/26

Azure Hotel / 1F


Weng  Jui - Chung  /  Tainan City . Taiwan

Pyrography is a challenging art performed through scorching a material surface with a heated metal stylus, which creates charred colors of different shades. Through ancient crafting techniques, presented in a modern way, the artist is able to reinterpret the many facets of pyrography.

Weng  Jui - Chung was born in Tainan, Taiwan. A businessman to start with, Weng  Jui - Chung was a starnger to art schools.However, through trial and error with different materials and techniques, he was finally able to recieve various Japanese awards on art.

Many of  Weng  Jui - Chung 's painting showcased this time in the art exhibition at the Azure Hotel feature the main theme of  " flowers " , skillfully presented through a special technique - pyrography. The exhibition also showcases four pyrography artworks done by inmates at the Hualien Prison, instructed by Weng  Jui - Chung. Ten percent of  all artworks sold at the exhibition will be donated to the 『Taiwan After - Care Association 』, in hopes of creating a better future for these inmates.