Due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus disease & in accordance to the rules & notice of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, please note & cooperate with the following precautions and measures imposed by 'Azure Hotel'.

(1) Azure Hotel is unable to attend to guests who have travelled or been in transit overseas in the last 14 days.

(2) There will be no reception of those who received the 「Home Isolation Notice」, 「Home Quarantine Notice」, 「Autonomous Health Management Notice」.

(3) COVID-19 rapid test is positive in past 5 days or waiting for the PCR test result.

2.A health declaration form should be  accomplished  while check-in.
Guests must not conceal the following information: travel event history, the fact that the guest or others (including co-occupants, companions, visitors, etc.) have received “Home Isolation Notice,” “Home Quarantine Notice” or “Self-Health Management Notice.” Guests that have received any of the aforementioned notices after checking should inform without withholding any information.

3. Measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and enhance hygiene.

■All guests entering the hotel are to disinfect their hands and be subjected to temperature screening. Guests with their temperature above 37.5 degrees celsius will not be allowed entry into the hotel.

■Sanitizer Dispensers:Available at hotel lobby entrance, lift lobby,restaurant entrance.

■Daily Disinfection:Public areas, lifts, door handles, phones & other public shared facilities.

■All guests,service and office personnel are to wear face masks.

■Please wear a mask when you picking up meals at restaurant.
■Guests entering the hotel have to wear a mask at all times.
■ For breakfast and lunch served at the restaurant,please wear your masks when taking your food. (Masks can be taken off only when eating and drinking) 
■Please register at the restaurant before taking your meal.
■As the restaurant is practising alternative seating,please allow restaurant staff to seat you accordingly.

4. If you are feeling unwell during any time in your period of stay with us, please immediately inform the staff at hotel reception for assistance.

For the latest updates of the Covid-19 virus:Ministry of Health and Welfare website『』 or contact CDC hotline 『1922』.